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How to build a child-friendly bathroom

By Jason • 2022-8-13
The bathroom is one of the most used rooms, and if you're planning for a renovation or for building a new bathroom, you may need to adapt your child's age-appropriate bathroom to meet their needs. A good kid-friendly and funny bathroom is of great help to not only keeping your children safe but also can promote better bath and toilet habits.
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Introduction to the Top Children sanitary ware supplier - Waxiang Ceramics

By Jason • 2022-7-21
Waxiang Ceramics is the top children sanitary ware brand in China with more than 20 years of experience. As an independently operated sub-brand of Chaozhou Meilong Ceramics Company, Waxiang is fully focusing on developing and manufacturing children-friendly, eco-friendly and reliable children bathroom sanitary ware products.
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