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What You Should Know Before Buying a Pedestal Sink


When installed in a small bathroom, a pedestal sink can create a feeling of more space by releasing both physical and visual space that is usually occupied by a vanity cabinet. Furthermore, pedestal sinks have an elegant, classic look that is unmatched by a boxy vanity and standard sink. But before you get started on replacing your old vanity with a pedestal sink, be aware of what you need to know. The plumbing may need to be changed and the flooring and walls may need to be repaired, as well as adjusting to a lack of storage space.

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To begin with some careful comparison shopping, and consider both the faucet and the sink together. Some sinks have a single faucet hole, some have the standard two holes with 4-inch spacing, and some are "widespread" with wider gaps. Actually, provided the faucet is more important than the sink style, choose the faucet first, then find a sink with the right hole configuration for the faucet.

When comparing pedestal basin prices, keep in mind that the sink basin and the pedestal may be priced separately. Pay attention to the prices you compare including both parts.

Visible vs. Hidden Plumbing

Pedestal sink installations can look good with plumbing, but it is also possible to install almost completely hidden plumbing. Before making a decision, you should better do some research and look at examples of both installation types . Concealing plumbing will most likely require moving existing water and drain lines.

If you're renovating, it's fairly easy to move the water and drain lines into the ideal place. But if you want to avoid extra work, keep in mind the location of existing plumbing as you decide what pedestal to buy. A larger pedestal base will have a better effect of hiding the plumbing than a sleek one.

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Drain Location

Most pedestal sinks are designed to be centered directly over the drain pipe in the wall, with the water pipes on either side of the drain. Some pedestals will give you a little space here, but not much. If you don't want the sink directly in front of the existing drain location, you will have to cut the drain and install fittings to rearrange it to the desired location. The same is true for the water pipes. Even if the drain pipes are placed side by side in the correct position, it may be too high or too low for the base sink and will require some modification to make it work properly.

Special Fittings

It looks best if the finish of the drain trap matches the faucet and bathroom trim because part of the drain will be visible from certain angles. If your faucet is a chrome faucet, then you might like a nice chrome drain trap and flange. There are different finishes of drain traps and other fittings can be available, such as chrome, bronze, copper and nickel. In a pinch, you can also choose standard plastic and paint it to match the wall or sink color.

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Water Supply Lines

If it is possible, the water supply tubing and shutoff valves should be tucked behind the base of the pedestal to keep them out of view. The less drain and water lines you see, the better the pedestal looks. As with the trap, the water lines and shutoff valves should match the trim of the bathroom because they will be visible from some angles.

Floor and Wall Repair

The wall and the floor might not be finished behind the old vanity. In this case, you may need to finish these areas at least. Besides, if you have to make changes to the plumbing or add bracing in the wall, you'll need to patch in the drywall, finish the seams, and paint the wall. To ease the patching, cut the old drywall back to the inside edges of the studs, then add 2x2 blocking to the sides of the studs to support the new drywall and provide enough wood for driving in the drywall screws.

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