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Interstellar Travel WA-7000 Collection

by meilong

Every little bit of whimsical fantasy or imaginary is worthy of our hearts guarding and loving care. Only when we create a suitable growth space for children can we let them grow in exploration and fly in prospect. Waxiang Sanitary Ware WA-7000 Interstellar Traveling ceramic children's bathroom series products focus on creating safe, comfortable, colorful and interesting bathrooms for children. The series includes high-quality high-temperature ceramic children's one-piece toilet WA-7000, wall-mounted children's urinal WE-9024 for small boys and floor-mounted sensor flush children's urinal WE-9023, and children's ceramic pedestal washing basin WB-2200, and a full range of accessories for children.

best junior toilet manufacturer in china -- waxiang ceramics
child size wall hung urinal WE-9024 and floor-mounted children urinal WE-9023
Best kids pedestal sink for kindergarten, preschool, nursery school, daycares, and children's hospitals.
kindergarten student child's size porcelain pedestal washing basin
pink and white color children size floor mounted urinal, best urinal for kindergarten and preschool


WAXIANG CERAMICS, as an independently operated subbrand of Chaozhou Meilong Ceramics Company, has become one of the best Children's sanitary ware manufacturers in China. Over the past two decades, WAXIANG has passed many different tests and is approved to be compliant with international plumbing standards such as cUPC, ISO9001, ANSI, AMSE, CSA, CA PROP-65 and etc. As the best children's toilets and sinks supplier to worldwide customers, we are glad to provide safe, reliable and funny children bathroom products to every child around the world.

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